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Wanted: George Auman, born 1791 living in Ohio

According to several genealogy entries in the Internet, a George Auman, born in 1791 in Amity, Berks County, PA, is listed as the son of Henry Auman, born on 08.01 in 1756, in Hannover, Germany. Henry (Johann Heinrich) was one of the "Hessians" who came to America to fight for the English flag during the Revolutionary War.
Before departing for America, Henry lived with his parents in Babenhausen, Hessia, near the city of Hanau, Germany. Henry had a son with the name of George who was born on 06.26. in 1787. George was married to Maria Spiess and for many years he remained in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Records show that George, born in 1791, was married to Elisabeth Harris and secondly to Catharina Benfer and later moved to Sugar Creek, Tuscarawas, Ohio. This entry does not coincide with my research. A DNA analysis of the ancestors of the George born in 1791 would be most revealing.

Wanted: Auman from Shamokin, Pa.

The Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland County, PA., by J.L. Floyd & Co. of 1911, include a biography of Georg O. Aumann. The names of his ancestors are recorded as Aaron (father), Jacob and Daniel and also Henry Aumann, one of the Hessian mercenaries who fought for England during the war of Independence and who remained in Pennsylvania after the end of the war. The relationship of Henry to Daniel is not explained but the children of Henry received their name. No Daniel, however, is found.

Further diversions to my research reveal that Henry was not a citizen of Hannover but of the Grafschaft of Hanau instead and that he participated in the battle of Saratoga and not the battle of Trenton. According to the Hetrina, a second Heinrich Aumann is recorded who fought in various battles but wo deserted and was finally shot to death.

According to their biography, Daniel and Jacob Aumann lived along the Lebanon county line. It is assumed that they are related to a different Aumann line who once lived there or is still in existence today. It would be very interesting to learn which emigrant is the founder of this line. Furthermore, a DNA analysis would be highly interesting.

Wanted: Cless, Uebelhaupt, Maurer, Gerhard

For the above names from the family tree I am looking for ancestors and descendants.

Wanted: generally

All information that contributes to the expansion of the Aumann genealogy.

Found: Linien Wölf, Odensachsen und Londorf

Because of the DNA tests, the Aumann-lines of Londorf, Odensachsen and Wölf are related to our line.