Personal History

1997 First genealogy research for 100years Anniversary of the Aumann Company
1999 100TH Anniversary of Aumann Company
2001 Completion of the Family Chronicle
2008 Nomination to Senator by German WBA in recognition of his longtime social activities
2011 The Aumann Company is awarded the Goldjupiter Prize. This award is limited to only 100 throughout Europe.
2013 Honorable Citizen prize for Dieter Aumann
2014 50th Anniversary of working in the Company
2014 Opening of the Museum of Babenhausen
2014 Transfer of majority ownership of companies to his sons Markus and Kevin

10-17-2014 - Awarded the Hessian Monument Preservation Prize. Award Ceremony held in Koenigstein by Prof. Dr. Gerd Weiss and Minister of State Boris Rhein.
Honored for the restauration of the historical building on Amtsgasse 32 in Babenhausen, now a Museum.


Prof.Dr.Gerd Weiss talking with Dieter Aumann during
Hessian Monument Preservation Prize awards ceremony.


On April 23rd, the Foundation “Amtsgasse 32” was awarded the German Fachwerkpreis 2015 in Halberstadt. “For the outstanding and exemplary restoration of the formerly Gayling house (now Museum for local History) at Amtsgasse 32 in Babenhausen”.  
The award was presented to Dieter Aumann, founder and president of the foundation by Professor Manfred Gerner.  Also attending the awards ceremony were Mayor Achim Knoke, Georg Wittenberger, director of the Museum as well as board member Markus Aumann.
(Photo by Georg Wittenberger)