AUMANN: More than 500 Years of Family History.

wappenaumannThe decision to write a book about the Aumann family history was triggered by the abundance of available researched material and the desire to make the related stories known to those members alive today and their future offsprings.

While researching the Aumann genealogy already in existence, I came upon a namesake who had done work on the Aumann genealogy . When searching for living relatives of this Mr. Aumann, I came upon his sister. I was very disappointed to learn that the deceased Josef Aumann had done extensive family research but that no other family members showed an interest in family trees or the history of their ancestors. Therefore, all research documents and results ended up in the trash. Poor Joseph, it is a blessing that he never knew.

Trying to make the best of it, I decided to write about the then available history and to have it published despite the fact that family genealogy is never ending and new facts emerge all the time.



In reference to the above, I call on all users of the data of this website to state the source of their discoveries in an honest and fair way.